"Chasing the Invisible": The Inspiration

60x96_A_ChasingTheInvisible_2017_Krutick_Acrylic_[F] web.jpg

Chasing the Invisible is a work that took me on a long journey. Through its beginning stages, I felt as though its composition was missing a critical component. Eventually, I moved the painting into a work closet (as I sometimes do when I am unsatisfied with the direction of a piece) to give myself space from it.

Soon thereafter, my daughter performed her first original Pop song called “Chasing the Invisible,” a revealing tune with a shimmering quality to it. After several days of repeatedly listening to the enchanting tune, the vision hit me. I took the canvas out of the closet and used her song as the pillars of the budding narrative.

Finally, the story of a girl who confronts the reality that her lover was just a figment of her imagination—an “invisible” person built from lonely thoughts and deep desires, emerged. The elements of the original painting that couldn’t “sing” on their own suddenly had a pure and convincing voice.

This piece has since become one my favorites.