WVOX: Art Zuckerman Interviews Jill Krutick


WVOX’s Art Zuckerman talks with Jill Krutick for approximately 20 minutes about her art studio, her transition into a full-time career as an artist, and some exciting upcoming events.

WVOX is a radio station licensed to New Rochelle, New York. It is operated as a regional community station heard mainly in suburban Westchester County, the Bronx, Queens, the North Shore of Nassau County, Fairfield County, Connecticut and northern New Jersey.

Happy Earth Day!

36x48_AL_SeaSparkle_2018_Krutick_Oil web.jpg

Highlighting the Noctiluca scintillans bloom that is currently plaguing the Arabian Sea, this rapid-growing algae has captured the attention of scientists Helga do Rosario Gomes, Joaquim Goes and their team at the Columbia University Lamont Laboratory. I was so honored to be able to commemorate the ground breaking research being done by this outstanding group. This deadly species, known for its bioluminescence, is so bright and widespread that it can be seen from space. My daughter, Zoe Berg, worked at the lab last summer and had conducted her senior thesis on this critical work.

This 36 x 48 inch oil painting, called “Sea Sparkle,” is an impression of one of the several satellite images captured by NASA.

Before & After!

Big changes are happening in the studio!

Now that all the featured paintings for the Coral Springs Museum of Art, Lyrical Abstraction, solo exhibition have been lovingly shipped to Florida for their debut next week (March 21st at 6pm), the studio has a fresh new look. 

We have a "before the shipment" and "after the shipment" view of the studio to show you! The "before" has been done as a virtual tour to give you the fullest sense of walking through the studio, which includes many of the featured works in the museum show. The "after" are some wonderful photos that capture the new look of the space and some recent work that was just completed. 

This exciting project couldn't have been possible without the help of photographer Simone Kurtz and Vivid Media NY. And if you haven't already, be sure to follow us on Instagram to follow along with more behind-the-scenes fun!

We hope you enjoy this peek into my working studio, which is always shape shifting as new works are finished. Please stop by and visit or see the installation down in Florida, which features 38 individual works.

Exciting times!