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Art Curator Bruce Helander describes the paintings of Jill Krutick at the March 2018 Grand Opening of Jill Krutick Fine Art in Scarsdale, New York.

It is the creative power implicit in Krutick’s imaginative response to nature’s innate aesthetics, at their most ingeniously and irresistibly dynamic in the flowing ocean. One might say she abstracts the creative flow of nature from its material manifestation in moving water, treating it as an aesthetic phenomenon in itself. For Krutick, fearlessly creating art is the way “the mind can realize the proper sublimity of its own destiny as surpassing nature itself,” as Kant suggests.
— Donald Kuspit, Leading Art Critic
Needless to say, Jill Krutick has not had a conventional art career. An effective and respected media analyst and Wall Street executive for over 20 years, focusing on the entertainment and leisure industries, she was rated the number one Entertainment Analyst by Fortune magazine in 2001, before she dedicated herself to her art a decade later. But it’s no news that the art world is changing. So far as artists go, the guild system that has ruled since the classical world is breaking down. One increasingly sees examples of what might once have been considered the “Outsider Artist” trajectory, namely individuals catapulting themselves into art-making after a life doing something wholly separate. Jill Krutick is one such remarkable transformation.
— Anthony Haden-Guest, Leading Art Critic
Krutick has expanded upon her studies and has made remarkable progress for someone who began working full time less than a decade ago. She has been included in many group exhibitions and has already had several solo exhibitions. Patrons have commissioned her work and a wide range of important collectors now own her paintings. Inspired by earlier female artists such as Helen Frankenthaler and Lee Krasner, she persists in finding her place in the art world. Having fought her way to leadership and success on Wall Street and in the corporate world, Krutick has found the art world more welcoming because her predecessors fought and won a place for women artists. With her sophisticated business background, Krutick marries art and management and thus is savvy about developing and advancing her career.
— Annette Blaugrund, PHD, Independent Curator, Former Director of the National Academy Museum