Group Exhibition: The Feminine Sublime

Georges Bergès Gallery
SoHo, New York City
April – May 2019

It is the creative power implicit in Krutick’s imaginative response to nature’s innate aesthetics, at their most ingeniously and irresistibly dynamic in the flowing ocean. One might say she abstracts the creative flow of nature from its material manifestation in moving water, treating it as an aesthetic phenomenon in itself.
— Donald Kuspit, Guest Curator

The Georges Bergès Gallery opens the Spring season with a very rare opportunity to experience an exhibition from world-renowned art critic and historian Donald Kuspit. Few critics within the art world have the intellectual and historic weight that Kuspit has—a lion of the art world.

The Feminine Sublime exhibition highlights and explores seven female abstract artists in contemporary art: Alex Chowaniec, Carol Brown Goldberg, Hisako Kobayashi, Jill Krutick, Carol Ross, Sonia Stark, Marlene Yu and Kristin Jai Klosterman. Don’t miss this very rare opportunity to see first hand the curatorial work of Donald Kuspit this Spring. Jill Krutick will be one of six of the featured artists. She is exhibiting “The Giving Tree, 5, 2019” and “Ice Cube Black & Red, 2016,” and “Shangri La 6, 2017.”

Alex Chowaniec
Carol Brown Goldberg
Hisako Kobayashi
Jill Krutick
Carol Ross
Sonia Stark
Marlene Yu
Kristin Jai Klosterman

Donald Kuspit was the winner of the prestigious Frank Jewett Mather Award for Distinction in Art Criticism (1983) given by the College Art Association and is a Contributing Editor at Artforum, Artnet Magazine, Sulpture and Tema Celeste, and the editor of Art Criticism.  He has doctorates in philosophy and art history, as well as degrees from Columbia, Yale and Pennsylvania State University.  He has received fellowships from Fulbright Commission, NEA, Guggenheim Foundation and Asian Cultural Council, among others. Kuspit has written more than twenty books, including The End of Art (2004); Redeeming Art:  Critical Reveries (2000); Idiosyncratic Identities; Artists at the End of the Avant-Garde(1996); Daniel Brush:  Gold without Boundaries (with Ralph Esmerian and David Bennett, 1998); Reflections of Nature:  Paintings by Raffael (with Amei Wallace, 1998); and Chihuly (1998).  He has written numerous art reviews, including critiques on Hunt Slonem, Maurizio Cattelan and April Gornik.

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