Group Exhibition:
The Realms of Gold (El Reinado de Oro)

Featuring the works of four international artists: Kumiko Okamoto-Paulisch (Mallorca, Spain), Hisako Kobayashi (New York, USA), Kubota Tatsuya (Tokyo, Japan) and Jill Krutick (New York, USA).

Museu de Porreres
August 9 - 16, 2019


The Realms of Gold: Four International Artists Converge in Porreres, Mallorca
Essay by Elizabeth Sobieski the 21st Century where politics and ugliness are rampant in contemporary art, the foursome being showcased here all generate beauty in radiant deeply personal paintings, paintings that express absolute splendor.
— Elizabeth Sobieski, art critic


Museu de Porres | The Realms of Gold: Featured works by Jill Krutick
Brochure by Simone Kurtz, 2019

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Museu de Porreres

Phone +34 971 16 66 17

Carrer d'Agustí Font, Prevere, 23
07260 Porreres, Illes Balears, Spain

Press Release


A group of international artists will be featured at a museum exhibition on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain during peak festival season this summer of 2019. The Realms of Gold will feature four artists: Kumiko Okamoto-Paulish, Hisako Kobayashi, Jill Krutick and Tatsuya Kubota at the Museu de Porreres, a historic museum featuring local and international artists. The show will run from August 9 to August 16.

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