"Chasing the Invisible": The Inspiration

60x96_A_ChasingTheInvisible_2017_Krutick_Acrylic_[F] web.jpg

Chasing the Invisible is a work that took me on a long journey. Through its beginning stages, I felt as though its composition was missing a critical component. Eventually, I moved the painting into a work closet (as I sometimes do when I am unsatisfied with the direction of a piece) to give myself space from it.

Soon thereafter, my daughter performed her first original Pop song called “Chasing the Invisible,” a revealing tune with a shimmering quality to it. After several days of repeatedly listening to the enchanting tune, the vision hit me. I took the canvas out of the closet and used her song as the pillars of the budding narrative.

Finally, the story of a girl who confronts the reality that her lover was just a figment of her imagination—an “invisible” person built from lonely thoughts and deep desires, emerged. The elements of the original painting that couldn’t “sing” on their own suddenly had a pure and convincing voice.

This piece has since become one my favorites.

Before & After!

Big changes are happening in the studio!

Now that all the featured paintings for the Coral Springs Museum of Art, Lyrical Abstraction, solo exhibition have been lovingly shipped to Florida for their debut next week (March 21st at 6pm), the studio has a fresh new look. 

We have a "before the shipment" and "after the shipment" view of the studio to show you! The "before" has been done as a virtual tour to give you the fullest sense of walking through the studio, which includes many of the featured works in the museum show. The "after" are some wonderful photos that capture the new look of the space and some recent work that was just completed. 

This exciting project couldn't have been possible without the help of photographer Simone Kurtz and Vivid Media NY. And if you haven't already, be sure to follow us on Instagram to follow along with more behind-the-scenes fun!

We hope you enjoy this peek into my working studio, which is always shape shifting as new works are finished. Please stop by and visit or see the installation down in Florida, which features 38 individual works.

Exciting times!